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The Barbarian Elan of The Frankish Temperament

apotheosis or else
BEFT fans are known for their energetic response

East German Artillery performance artists with a heavy ‘tude and a near obsession with pyrotechnic choreography, dedicated to the apotheosis of Dom DeLuise mainly for his role as the schizophrenic (yet lovable) stuntman in the Cannonball Run Movies. (The cast of this movie is essentially their pantheon, though Blixa Bargeld is their trickster/philosopher king of choice and is traditionally intentionally misquoted in BEFT PR materials.)

Their recent accomplishments, documented thoroughly in the anarcho-trade-zines Gerschplatz and Sonweiler Gotthunde, include an power tool overture based on the life and times of Helmut Kohl with theatrical renditions done in mime. The climax of this performance was the perfunctory body piercing of the mime troupe at the end by means of a bevy of nail guns. Different lengths of sheet metal were arranged behind the victims such that the cuncussion of flying nails created an unearthly musical composition, visually accompanied by the thrashing of the strobe lit and freshly pierced mimes.

Vas Nacht, the current “leader” of BEFT, says the following of their approach to art:

“We find eroticism in the landscape of harmonic violence that resonates in our world as celestial spheres were once thought to in the heavens. We believe that the “loss of affect” is a result of insufficient horror and weak viscerality in the cultural pantechnicon, not an excess of it.”

He justifies this claim by going on to state:

“Our work is determined to surpass the membrane of spectator disassociation without acknowledging spectatorship. The viewer feels as if he has happened upon a spectacle that he is powerless to stop, and the silent outcry from within concretizes the notion of “affect” once again. It is really satisfying, as an artist, to see your audience writhing on the floor in gastrointestinal discharge with their pupils dilated in fear. You really know that you are reaching them.”


  • Hegelfucker
  • Pferd Neun Haßmenschlichkeit
    (“Nine Horse Misathrope”)
    Nine Horse Misanthrope
  • Eisendarmscheiße
    (“Iron Gut Shit”)
    iron gut shit

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