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Clementina Vargas


Clementina Vargas is primarily known for her work with the Cyberphage Org in the 1980s. The famed collective dissolved after their last show in White Sands, New Mexico. This final show — Familiar Slaughter — consisted of household technologies altered by the Org to transcend their mundane and homely purposes.

Vargas’ own mechanical mutation in this show was a sewing machine. She replaced the needle components with a dagger-like appendage which pointed away from the machine, and attached wheels and an additional powerful motor to propel the chassis. At the show, Vargas “set it free,” throwing the device off the stage and into the audience. Surprisingly mobile on sandy ground, the roving stabbing machine seriously injured sixteen people before the panicked audience was able to flee.

The device has made several surprise appearances in subsequent performances by Vargas, but audience caution and paranoia has tended to cut down on the bloodshed somewhat.

Currently living under an assumed identity somewhere in France, Vargas is evading both civic and criminal suits pending against her. She continues to perform sporadically and without warning.

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