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Sarcode is a loose gathering of neo-extropian installation artists who focus on the abuse of un-augmented flesh. While the members of Sarcode despise their own philosophical and political views, they see no other possible option for artistic exploration in the current social landscape. Because of this inherent contradictions, their work is self-loathing and sadomasochistic.

Their sonic architectures are designed with to slowly torture those on-site, but are also designed to seduce the listener-participants to remain on-site for longer than they would under their own will. Their goal is to “induce pain and addiction” in participants in their events.

They have a small, loyal, and largely incoherent following who have been described as a “deluded cult.” Most fans describe themselves as “diligent.”

In a widely-circulated text attributed (without verification) to Sarcode, they state that:

these simulations of the dialectical pain-desire machines of late capitalist consumerism may dis-empower the larger social structures through a combination of desensitization and inoculation of the individual. However these effects will become evident at the time when the construction of these intensified desire-repulsion zones has made Sarcode a wealthy and politically powerful entity.

The identities of the members of Sarcode are unknown.

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